About Us

We were all doing the usual 9 to 5. Some of us were very successful too. But something was missing.

We got together one afternoon and started talking about what it would be like to do something different with our lives. Something that involved our passion, but also doing some good. Helping others who are less fortunate. 

Whilst we were talking about possible ideas, one of our colleagues Jen, looked at my ring and commented on how different and unique it was. I explained how whilst travelling through Asia, I was struck by an old man, making silver jewellery in one of the side streets of the village I was travelling through. I remembered the love and care he was putting into his craft. I started talking to him, asking about his product and story. 

It transpired that he learnt his craft from his father, and crafting items out of Silver was something that was passed on in his family for generations. 

"How about a Jewellery store?" Jen said. "People love to look good and we could donate part of our proceeds to charity. Every few months we could change charity and really do some good in this world" 

And that's how our adventure started. We hope you will come with us on our journey and help us do some good in this world, whilst also looking great.